The Matrix - Our take on it

Welcome to our View of the Matrix - How we have been and continue to be programmed by it - How to move beyond it

We are lucky enough to have found Teachers, Friends and Organisations that have helped us be aware of our conditioning by the Matrix - we will be posting blogs at a later date and links to those many Great Souls who have helped us on our own Spiritual Journeys.  Please note this is just our TAKE on it - there are so many paths to LOVE that we couldn't possibly have listed them all. 

At the moment I am just writing free text and at a later date will fill it in with links to other peoples websites and facebook pages - I hope no-one has a problem with what I am writing on this page - but if they have I would be really grateful if they contacted me at [email protected]  And also it might be worth asking themselves why they have tightness around what I am saying.

I would be more than happy to remove anything on this page = as it is built from my memories which themselves could be real or imagined or flawed.

What is the Matrix Many are Talking about these days 

It is our personal belief that Humankind has been erroneously programmed by the Self Will of Men/Women = We attach no blame for this and just accept it as a human condition - People did the best they could at the time with the tools they had available to them.

We first came accross the terminology THE MATRIX on a Holistic Therapy Conference in Los Angelos in 2000.

It was a course to help us assist people in removing their resistance to change in order to get closer to their Higher Purpose in Life; what ever their Higher Purpose was -  we didn't need to know.

One of the speakers at the conference Al Joy!/   asked how many people on the course had had near death experiences and half of the people in the room put up their hands.  He then asked how many people were aware of being taught at another level or dimension particularly in the early morning hours - and the rest of the people in the room put up their hands

Shortly afterwards I became aware of NIGHT SCHOOL where we travel multidimensionally at night to be taught spiritual truths or other useful tools of transformation.

At the beginning of the course the Retreat Organizer Susan went round the room with Blue and Red pills (Jellybeans) and asked people if they would like to take the blue pill or the red pill

Dave and I didn't know what this was about but were surprised to  have been given a Free copy of the Matrix part 1 on the plane on the way over to the conference

With hindsight it's pretty obvious that Synchronicity was at work from a Higher Level of Consciousness

The conference was a group of people who used a particular High Frequency Biofeedback system = that also uses the terminoloy MATRIX 

So back to the MATRIX itself and our take on it - we believe our programming from the MATRIX is fear based and mostly put into place by the intellect. 

It is pretty obvious to tell if you are working in the MATRIX by checking if your thoughts - thought forms  - have a fear based origin.  

One of our very early teachers was Thich_Nhat_Hanh and I remember in the late 90's listening to one of his tapes where he talks about the seed or the seat of all anger and fear.  I remember he calls them habbit energies.  He also says we should invite our fear in for a cup of tea - we are quite happy to invite our other emotions in that make us feel good  - like joy, peace - but we ignore our fear as we don't like to touch it - but it is a valuable part of our makeup.  He says our habbit energies are what we use when we choose a new tie - we think we have just chosen a yellow one but deep down somewhere else we had that colour yellow stored in there

I also remember going into a Motorway service station when I was on the way to a retreat - I choose to buy a purple top and matching shoes at a retail outlet - on the way out of the shopping area I noticed my new shirt in purple was on a large noticeboard that I didn't even know I had seen

I've recently been obsessed by watching all the MAD MEN series = the value in this was to become aware of the power of marketting and how it had all set in motion by earlier marketting strategies. 

 This is the same concept as EFT Emofree in that sometimes removing the little knots of painful memories of emotional  origin you chop down a big tree which is one of the earlest memories you have of being FEARFUL.  

I have noticed when using EFT myself that it often brings up memories that have been lodged together by association = such as two visits to the same hospital.

Even Scarier I've recently become aware that some of my memories arn't real = they are imagined - quite flawed in some cases.   They will relate to one incident but be way off in a timeline that didn't our couldn't relate to our 3D way of living. 

We believe the MATRIX runs off or takes it's energy from these FEAR and RESENTMENTS which may be real or imagined. 

Echart Tolle calls this a PAIN BODY which is a litle entity in it's own right.  I h ave just been listening to one of his POWER OF NOW CD's and I love the way he laughs at himself and us for allowing these little knots in the PAIN BODY to trick us into thinking we are special and different and not connected to everything at a higher level of consciousness. 

We could spend hours and hours thinking about how and why the knots got there - or we can just accept them and accept them for what they are and have a good laugh at ourselves.

Two experiences that friends or family have had come to mind at the moment

One was when a relative told me he had been responsible for his sister dying at the age of 21 because he had shot a starling that day - he said it was the first and only ever time he killed not for food = so buried in his consciousness was a deep traumatic scar of an event that he believed he was responsible for.



To be continued